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"Hi there! My name is Benjamin; I’m 19 and a sophomore in college studying Early Childhood Special Education with interdisciplinary concentrations in psychology, music, and Spanish. I’m not only working on getting my degree - I’m also working becoming the best possible version of myself. The best way for me to do that is to finally have my body match the way I feel on the inside, and one way of doing that is to get top surgery (a double mastectomy). 

I am funding my own hormone therapy, taking care of myself at school, and helping my family out in any way that I can. I work three jobs and am a full-time student, currently student teaching between twenty-five and thirty hours a week. I know that I will never be able to fund my own surgery, so this is where I ask you beautiful people for whatever are able to put towards my future flat chest!

All the money donated here will go to a downpayment, travel fees (I hope to have surgery with Dr. Garramone in Florida), hospital fees, the surgery cost itself, post-op medication, and miscellaneous expenses surrounding top surgery. See the “reward levels” below to see what I have to give for each donation amount. Any amount is amazing! YOU are amazing!”

This is my friend, Ben. He is an absolutely amazing person and is going to make an absolutely amazing educator someday.  I am so proud of him and his determination to be true to himself. If any of my wonderful followers would be willing to donate to his top surgery I would be very grateful. 


  • 11 February 2014